Frankfurt am Oder, a city on the border with Germany
Published: 2022-05-06 10:29

Frankfurt (Oder) is a border city which, together with Słubice, forms a cross-border agglomeration. It is a city with a long history, and it received city rights in the middle of the 13th century. According to historical data, in the Middle Ages, trade and goods were highly developed in the region, and the port on the Odra River was used to transport goods.

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Published: 2022-05-05 11:09

Słubice is a small border town between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany, existing since 1945. It has a population of around 20,000 and provides three border crossings. As a result, tourism, import and export of commercial goods in the region is strongly developed. Tourists coming from Germany willingly use the local exchange offices and make foreign exchange. The euro is very eagerly bought by travelers who plan to cross the border towards our western neighbors. Despite the many possibilities offered by the Internet, tourists are very eager to use currency exchange in a stationary exchange office.

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Published: 2022-04-27 11:17

The euro is a popular currency that was introduced to most European Union countries and has been in circulation in cash since 2002. The creation of the euro area allows the use of the euro by over 341 million Europeans who do not have to plan to exchange currency in an exchange office when traveling between countries using the same currency. The first plans to create a monetary union were drawn up in the ‘60s, but it was not until 1979 that the European monetary system was created, the main goal of which was to regulate the political and economic situation.